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The Snowflakes

kar tanesi


The snowflakes have the wings. Their wings are made of light, poem or song. They aren’t water, soap or foam. They are mercy from the Creator. Theya re not handmade, they are heartfelt. Each of the snowflakes is a wonder of art. They make a swing in the sky. Sometimes theyare real but sometimes they’re imagination.

They head thousands of years in the imagination. But they go onthe life where they stop. They don’t dropbut they land gently to the ground. AIso they fly in the sky happily. They know the place where they land very well. They set off to the light hearts. Theyare delivered to the addresses slowly with care.

They are our guests from the s ky. They visit us as a guest in our villages, our towns and our cities. Our gardens host lots of snowmen. They give us hope and we dream of snow. We play snowballs and write diary of snow. And also we read the snow stories and tell the tales of snow.

When the snowflakes cover the ground, they make the words strong, they make the writings strong. And they heat the hearts of the letters. They give peace and harmony to the words. All the colors are made happy with the innocent shade of the white.

The snowflakes are the untold words and unwritten writings. Each of them has a big world. They have a nice past and a future. Once they were the drope of the rain. They flowed into the streams and gave life to the little plants.

They grew up and became a lake and a sea. After that they vaporized and turn into the clouds and then water. They accompany the sun and they wanted to have the most beautiful shape. It was told to be and it was!

To become a snowflake, it is needed to know how to burn in the snow, how to freeze in the cold. When the time comes it is needed to know to drip from the best time.

Do you think we can write our dreams on the ground? Or which dream can be as beautiful as the snowflakes. When it snows, it is impossible to keep the children inside. Who can keep the children away from the snow outside? What else can make us happier than the snow?

There is no doubt that this joy; this happiness and this beauty come out of the snow …