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Antep Pistachio

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Indispensible Taste of Health and Tounghe: Antep Pistachio
No doubt that all of us have tasted that green gold which grows on the ground. The taste of Antep pistachio, which has grown in Antep lands for thousands of years, is well known and demanded all over the world.

Antep FıstığıWhen a person taste Antep pistachio, he cannot like any other one. That Antep pistachio is totally organic, as it is not exposed to pesticides and hormone processes, which makes it so popular. Antep pistachio is also grown in Adıyaman, Şanlıurfa and Siirt, however they are process in Antep. We have to mention about Antep pistachio trees.

The pistachio tree turns into a magnificent big tree by maintenance and pruning. it has a wonderful appearance with its outwards branches, grey leaves, and colored pistachios. It offers its pink fruit in bunches, which are very nutritious and tasty. This tree can stand very cold weathers, and lives nearly 50 years.

Gaziantep University made a controlled study that is conducted on 32 men. Firstly, these men follows Mediterranean diet for a month, and then adds 100 gr Antep pistachio to their diet for one more month again. And their blood samples are taken. The examinations show that Antep pistachio lowers the cholesterol, prevents the embolism, and have and antioxidant effect. it is revealed1hat the anti embolism effect of Antep pistachio is higher than the walnut’s.

It is also shown that Antep pistachio lowers the LDL, known as bad cholesterol. Also, Celal Bayar University has shown that Antep pistachio is richer in E vitamin than walnut and pecan nut, and contains A and B1 vitamins. Alsa resveratrol, which reduces chronic hearth diseases and cancer risks, is found in Antep pistachio. So, Antep pistachio has a large spectrum of benefits on the health.