İngilizce Karikatür- Caricature Cartoon



İngilizce Karikatür- Caricature Cartoon, İngilizce, İngilizce Resimler, İngilizce Tekerleme

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      "Bir Türkçe Kelimeye Karşılık On Yedi Tane Gavur Kelimesi" ama Türkçe hepsini dövdü! İşte size o kavgadan saniye saniye görüntüler. Muhabir ...

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  1. Bu nedir? İngilizce Cartoon Caricature olarak bilinir. Genellikle bir insanın, durumun veya güncel bir olayın resimlenerek mizahi

  2. Karmen diyor ki:

    … not in the indusstry, how’er limgtone autodidact of things pertaining thereto… Don’t wanna do your backgrounds, but, would like to broach again the topic of the Bakshi MM stuff you did: perhaps The Complete Works of John K. (a mid-ish career retrospective) to include the MM stuff and Beany and Cecil, all the lost bits… who’d put it out?… Seeing footage of you now, i witness a smattering of the later look of old Clampett hisself… that strange Orbison-Capote- pudgey an’ prudent queen that Clampett looked in the end. Just in the hair mebbie… mebbie I’m wrong, John. But there’s a story there with old Clampett and the way I see you… speaking of which, when relating your Bakshi exp. in the new vid, The moment when in relating these anecdotes you pause, suddenly inspired, and beat the wall (a knock at the door) I’m reminded of the footage of Avery mugging, of Irv Spence in the mirror, and even old Walt acting out the boards, all the greats baby, yer in there!

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